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Burnley FC Lotteries: Week 45 Winners

Updated on 29th Nov 2019


X6396 W BYRNE 003

Y2753 C PLUMMER 003

B1046 G HOLDEN 244

Y4762 S ROGERS 003



D5961 M DUGDALE 100

E2437 K BOOTH 909



V2362 K SMITH 003

K3472 J BERRY 1510

H1863 M MAYBURY 2005

C4103 W TIPPING 616

A0344 R KELLY 144

B6198 C SHEPHERD 878

W5703 J BEECH 003

A6434 M CLAWSON 002



B6622 E BINDER 1226

F3818 J RUSHTON 073


E3170 P DENISON 002

C3366 K ALLOTT 040

H3715 J GREAVES 149

A6335 A PATTEN 375

Z2280 S HUGHES 003

E6492 A DACK 1601

W1903 G NAVAN 003

X5096 L THORNTON 003

Y0328 G HARRIS 003

H2945 N MOFFITT 149

D2885 J LORD 244

Z3859 B HOWORTH 003

A2973 L TOWLER 1988

D0933 M HOLDEN 191

J4663 J BYRNE 2131

K6921 D HARDMAN 1511

V3815 W FARRER 003



There were no Jackpot winners so the prize rolls over to £4,500 next week. The jackpot numbers drawn were 9, 13, 21, 25.


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