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Burnley FC Lotteries: Week 39 Winners

Updated on 22nd Oct 2018

£100 Winners

X6437 - R PETTIT, V2946 - J RYLAND, D3754 - J PEARSON, D5466 - P DEARDEN.

£50 Winners

Y3030 - J O'BRIEN, Z1704 - J FOSTER.

£25 Winners

F1415 - C HILL, Y2950 - S PILLING, X4919 - G ANTROBUS, X4072 - E PHILLIPS, L6307 - S HOWARTH, A3835 - D YATES, W0836 - T STONE, A4284 - J LORRIMAN.

£10 Winners

X4159 - E JOHN, I9536 - Z ASLAM, W1094 - G STOREY, G6721 - S AUNGER, V0929 - C MADDEN, A4247 - W SPENCER, Y0906 - V FLETCHER, Z6130 - B TATTERSALL, D4706 - O JOHNSON, H5270 - D SMITH, Y3261 - J PILLING, D1670 - N RITCHIE, P5166 - J WATT, W3397 - J CAMPBELL, Z0737 - S BACON, Y4592 - J SMITH, I3597 - D MANNION, C6366 - S MOORE, A1144 - D NOTHARD, Y6486 - S MURRAY.

Jackpot Draw

There were no jackpot winners so the prize rolls over to £7,500 next week. The jackpot numbers drawn were 10, 16, 19 and 33.

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