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How the Barry Kilby Prostate Cancer Appeal is helping local men

Updated on 14th Jun 2017

Since its launch in 2016, the Barry Kilby Prostate Cancer Appeal has subsidised over 1400 prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood tests at Burnley FC and other clubs.

A total of 1,438 men were tested in a number of testing sessions at Turf Moor and Deepdale.

Of the men tested, 7.4% received PSA red results, indicating that their PSA level was significantly outside the 'normal range', and at least 2.4% of those received PSA amber results, indicating that their PSA level was somewhat outside the 'normal range'. 

In total, 141 men were encouraged to seek further advice from the GP with many receiving a diagnosis. 

If you would like to play your part in funding PSA tests for men at our next event later this year, click here to find out how you can help.

One of the men who received an abnormal test result following one our events was the club's PA announcer, Ian Bannister. 

He said: “I went along to the session at Turf Moor expecting to get the all-clear as I was only 52. Within 3 weeks, however, I had a diagnosis of early stage prostate cancer". 

"Attending this session has certainly changed my outlook on life, as I have found that prostate cancer can affect many men - even some relatively young".  

"Had I not attended the session, the cancer may not have been detected until it was at a more advanced stage. I feel that early diagnosis is undoubtedly a benefit to many men". 

Supporter Billy Haworth was diagnosed with Stage T3 prostate cancer following his PSA test at Turf Moor, despite having no symptoms at all. 

He said: “Thanks to the screening the cancer was caught in time and on Tuesday this week I was told by the oncologist that the cancer had gone”.

“On behalf of myself and my family, I would like to thank you again. Without this promotion, who knows what might have been”.

If you’ve received a diagnosis following one of our testing sessions and would like the opportunity to meet and talk with other local men who are going through the same experiences, go to for more details on your local Prostate Cancer Support Group.

© Photo courtesy of Lancashire Telegraph