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Burnley FC Lotteries: Week 27 Winners

Updated on 28th Jul 2017

£100 winners

X6146 - J M Noone, R1199 - H Beales, B1695 - W Ingle, A1177 - R Collinge. 

£50 winners

A3927 - M Lloyd, A6463 - P Tyson. 

£25 winners

B1498 - Z Jenkins, F5237 - H Rowland, E0429 - W Barras, X1303 - M Bridges, Z5797 - H Clements, X4178 - P Pike, Z2087 - R Fox, F6753 - G Stobbs. 

£10 winners

D3612 - N Johnson, Z3081 - D Pearson, X3606 - G Dolman, B5289 - M S Waddington, D4839 - B Rushton, B2512 - T Seaford, A2679 - S Pilling, F0157 - J Clegg, Z5749 - J Swinton, Y1362 - K McMaster, W6966 - A Haworth, Z4149 - A Chadwick, D5652 - S Gidley, X0977 - M Hunt, D5953 - B Taylor, C2707 - J Marsden, W2997 - C O'Neill, Z2756 - C Austin, H3154 - S Pickles, B6462 - M Peel.

Jackpot Draw

There were no jackpot winners so the prize rolls over to £5,000 next week. The jackpot numbers drawn were 12, 20, 34 and 38. 

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