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Burnley FC Lotteries: Week 31 Winners

Updated on 30th Aug 2017

£100 winners

F6878 - J Watt, W6531 - T Dunston, X5380 - J Shaw, B0646 - C Weir. 

£50 winners

F0491 - E Stowell, X3020 - H Hutchinson. 

£25 winners

A2727 - S Glover, Z1627 - J Robinson, C2280 - D Lord, F5284 - P Raybould, X6565 - P Harper, L1310 - B Morris, E0622 - A Ruth, Z3031 - O Taylor. 

£10 winners

D6387 - H Parkes, G3517 - T Rowland, B2420 - L Schoffield, X2685 - E Whitworth, P6954 - D Wilson, D5327 - Mr Bradshaw, D1944 - N Wilkinson, C0233 - Mr Duckworth, G3052 - C Wharton, W0819 - M Horsfall, Z4632 - D Routh, E3260 - C Jackson, F5522 - A Longworth, D4955 - C Ilott, B3459 - J Button, W3201 - M Barrett, Z3735 - S Sawley, E2637 - T Tempest, B3920 - L Williams, B3698 - M Marshall. 

Jackpot Draw

There were no jackpot winners so the prize rolls over to £3,500 next week. The jackpot numbers drawn were 3, 14, 24 and 31.

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