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Burnley FC Lotteries: £5,000 Won!

Updated on 14th Aug 2017

£100 winners

C0360 - D Copeman, D1374 - C Jackson, G6702 - Mr O'Sullivan, G5949 - D Stuart. 

£50 winners

Z5684 - D Warrington, X5982 - A Trickett. 

£25 winners

C4121 - L Robinson, W6875 - S Brodie, W1392 - G Wearing, M1383 - D Kirk, F3631 - S Walrowd, C4595 - B Green, F0879 - B Weir, X1039 - I Maher. 

£10 winners

B0869 - A Crawford, L2675 - D Gillin, D1661 - R Devanney, X3866 - J Shaw, F5173 - B Heys, C4284 - J Farrer, B0412 - V Tarren, A5923 - T Duckworth, A3430 - M Pearce, W6889 - J Bell, F0083 - C Allen, D3301 - M Gordon, G1376 - C Hodgson, C3925 - B Smith, D4049 - R Lancaster, D6038 - S Hancock, B3729 - D Crowe, A5267 - A Shirtcliffe, A4640 - M Astin, X4748 - B Ward.

Jackpot Draw

The Clarets Lottery team would like to extend our congratulations to G Stobbs, who won £5,000 in this week's rollover jackpot draw. The numbers drawn were 4, 7, 16 and 26.

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